Company Information

‘We’re instigators and provocateurs. We turn normal games into remarkable contests that exhilarates anyone bold enough to sit down and play.’

Masters of the Craft, Masters of the Game

The MaraudersRoom is an online casino with focus on the creation of digital entertainment and multiplayer interaction. When originally founded, our company was a manufacturer of games. Because of our novel ideas and concentration on online and offline player interaction, we were systematically barred from the casino industry. Instead of accepting defeat we re-routed.  Deciding it would be easier for us to reach the public via our own online casino, while getting feedback about our casino via our company blog.

As a company

In the demanding field of gaming, our players are of vital importance. We want to impress you with imaginative content, which provides a positive impact and creates good memories. One thing that all online casinos are missing is the right for players to give their opinion, ask questions, and strategize with others.

Although it is unheard of, we believe that strong peer to peer interaction offline and online is what really makes players, well, better players. And thats what we want.


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