The MaraudersRoom

Today’s blogs and websites have fabricated content. A lot of times people want you to read what they write because they’re trying to sale you something. A product, a service, a whatever the hell’s popular that week. That’s why it was a privilege for my team to create this blog. We’re the first online casino to allow gamblers to be interactive with each other offline. The Marauders Room doesn’t have to sale you anything. We just ask that you follow the game. If you haven’t noticed large corporations have come and saturated the market. Tournaments and games are no longer held offline, but are limited to online sites. Here we want you to do more than just gamble online. We’re the first online casino designed by gamblers’ for gamblers’. We hold private games at different locations throughout the country.

The Marauders Room didn’t just start as an online gambling site. The life of most gambler’s is filled with extraordinary circumstances. Things that a lot of times make people stare at you in awe. Majority of our professions have been dangerous or allowed us to scrape by, but our real income is made from gambling. Being a professional gambler is probably the most exciting job you’ll ever have. When the brother of my childhood friend told me he was going to be like me, I stared at him for a while before saying, “But why would you want to be like me? Better still why would you want to be like us?” I looked around the room at everyone else there. “We’re Marauders. Vagabonds, gamblers and hard men. The world doesn’t want us and we only find peace in games of chance and in the arms of women.” I shook my head at him but I could tell he didn’t understand what I was trying to tell him and probably never will.

For the Marauders, the game is everything and the game never ends. Whether you gamble with our casino or on another website our trademark motto remains the same for any and everyone who reads this blog or is a gambler: “Always Follow the game.”

William Alexander


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